Carbon Fibre on vehicle bonnet, rear boots, roof, body panels, inetrior and any extra large surface to give an appearance of carbon fibre. Carbon fiber vinyl film looks like real carbon fibre but is less expensive and more versatile. Our carbon fibre film can be applied to any curved or flat surface with ease.

The carbon fibre textured finish allows for light to reflect at different angles giving it an appearance that is supperior to real carbon fibre with Controltac adhesive technology allows for dry and bubble free application over the most challenging surfaces.


We can wrap around almost any curve or surface to make it look like real carbon fibre without the high cost of real Carbon Fibre Wrap it with Carbon Fibre!

    Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror on a Audi TT

    Carbon Fibre on roof of a Audi TT

Carbon fibre effects quickly and simplistically creates an exciting and provocatively racy edge.

      Although, regardless of whether they’re applied to just smaller sections or to the entire vehicle it is unanimous among car enthusiasts everywhere and also evident in the massive demand we continually receive for them, matt black and carbon fibre colour change wraps are the ultimate weapons in cosmetic car modifications.


    Carbon Fibre Material

Carbon Fibre is a thin but durable plastic sheet that can be moulded around just about anything as an alternative to paint, it has no drying time like paint, no imperfections like you sometimes pick up with paint and is more durable than paint as its plastic so does'nt pick up scratches like paint.

Also with Carbon Fibre you can wrapp around the vehicle for a 5th of the price of a painted vehicle, plus unlike paint if you get fed up with it or just plain don't like it you can simply just peel it back off without any damage to the original paintwork, not even any residue left behind. the vinyl has around a ten year lifespan before it starts to fade and is very durable.

Carbon Fibre