Screen Printing Services
Screen printed Self-adhesive printed labels & sticker printing for all outdoor and indoor applications.

We can print onto a number of materials, all suited for different applications but if you have a specific project please contact us since this may affect your option of materials. Also, one of our sample packs may also be useful to help you determine your exact requirements.

Labels could be supplied as multiples on a backing sheet kiss-cut to any required shape, as singles die-cut to any required shape or simple square-cut stickers to any required size.

Single colour, multiple spot colours or full colour on hard-wearing white, coloured or transparent vinyl's & PVC's to suit any purpose.

The day-to-day use for signage is endless but just a few of the most frequent uses would be…

Estate Agent Signage
General Health & Safety
Building Site Health & Safety
Parking and Warning Signage
Retail Signage

Unlike some digital printing inks, screen printing inks will rarely fade even when subjected to full sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

If you want to produce signs by the thousands, or simply a single sign on rigid materials like Correx, Foamex, Di-bond or polished metals, contact Screen Scene now for a quotation - take this opportunity to ensure that you are currently getting the cheapest price possible from your current supplier.