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We carry out high end signage services for schools; right from Kindergarden, day cares and children centres to high-learning institutions like colleges and campuses. We have a ready sales team that will come over to your school to study the area and give tips and ideas on which signs will work best for your institution.

As a reputable signage services team, we pride ourselves in designing and producing unique signs tailored to suit your specific learning institution. We are the experts you need in manufacturing personalized signs that are highly attractive and speak better the passion, values and obligations your learning institution has towards educating young people out there.

We have been in the business of signage for schools long enough to master different styles of sign production for clients. There are several categories we use in offering signage services which we are going to highlight below;

Post signs: internal and external post signs are a highly specialized area with our signage services. We believe that post signage is the most effective way of propping up your school and making it more visible to the outside world. So if it's an external sign, we'll make sure it has the right elevation than your current signage to make it highly visible to anyone driving or walking by. We can vary the post sign sizes however you want, inclusive of font size plus using the colours that give the exact image of your school.


​​Internal post signs are also an area of expertise and we use the right post lengths and wording to make the signs as visible from a reasonable distance. If the current school post signs are outdated or wearing off, we can come in to do some cost-effective renovations for you.

Welcome signs: how your school front sign reads will determine a lot how the outside world perceives you. So you can count on our signage services to use the right words, colours and font to make your welcome sign as attractive as possible. Remember the welcome sign is a great marketing point for your school so a professional signage team like us is what you need to make this happen. And we are flexible enough to customize the front sign to include children artwork from your school to make the welcome sign as personal as possible.

Internal signage: do you have a new building coming up in your school? We as an expert team offering signage services will gladly design your reception sign plus brand any furniture and equipment with the custom logo of your school. We also take care of internal signs like post and wall signs that mark specific areas in the school like streams for classes, the musical hall, staff rooms and so on.

Directional signs: for any big or small school, it is important for the foot-traffic to keep moving to provide harmony in the institution. You can trust us with the responsibility of coming up with signs that are appropriate for use in your school and help in identification, giving direction and promoting safety.

Apart from inside directional signs, we can also provide the same harmony required outside school buildings through site signage services. This ensures that both pedestrian and vehicle traffic keep moving, wades off any unnecessary traffic to your compound plus point people to the right direction to your school compound.

Window graphics: as we are professionals in signage services that promote harmony and safety in your school, we also care about making your school attractive. So our window graphic services will come in handy here in making a positive impact on both students and visitors as they come into your school vicinity. Besides giving an attractive and professional image to your school, window graphics are also great in posting hours and services of every room or office in your school.

Being in the signage business for quite some time, we as professional signage company believe we have what it takes to complete satisfy you. Diversity is what we believe in plus our ability in customizing signage services to clients' needs is unparalleled. We cover extensively any signage project involving either the inside or outside of your school.

With our signage services, you can never go wrong in creating a safe, harmonious and attractive environment in both the inside and outside of your school.