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Art Signs & Graphics Ltd
​can supply A-board Signs of all styles, shapes & sizes. Shops, Clubs, Restaurants, Pubs, Salons, Mobile Catering Vans.....

Signboards are available in a range of finished trim. Various trims such as aluminium, wood and plastic can add the finishing touch to any size.

Eco-Flex                              Swinger Signs                                  A-Boards                                 A Master
 Budget A-Board                           Booster Signs                              Chalk A-Boards                               Cyclone
Defender                            Sentinel (Banner)                               Sentinel (Poster)                         Signmaster
      Traditional Wooden A-Board             
45" x 25" Large Sign 1150x650mm
​FREE NAME ON TOP!!... £109.00
A board Signage - The Best Way To Get your Business

A lot of small business owners utilize signs for the sole reason of announcing their business' location to the public. While using signs for primary identification is great, signs can be used for many other uses. One major aspect that can make the difference between having a successful business and a not so successful one is the ability to properly utilize signs.

People read numerous signs in a single day, at times without even realizing it. These signs can range from road traffic signs, to business signs on buildings. A business first communicates with its customers by use of signs. The sign delivers a message to prospective customers before they even enter the business premises, talk to employees or look at products. It is therefore vital that a business ensures its signage conveys a positive message to its clients.

One of the vital functions of a sign is conveying the location of the business. Many small businesses actually use signs for this sole function. It is a great way of directing people who are unfamiliar with the place to the business and is also an excellent way of attracting impulse buyers. However, it is important to note that signs can be used to deal with the issue of a bad physical location. This is very crucial for businesses operating in crowded cities, as they may be situated in alleyways and in side-streets, making it hard for people to locate them. As a way to overcome their bad physical location, businesses can properly position sidewalk signs in the surrounding area, so as to effectively direct clients to their premises.

All our Pavement Signs include full colour prints to both sides.

Another major way in which businesses can correctly use signs is by utilizing them to convey messages about the business. This includes the words printed on the sign, as well as the image the sign conveys to potential clients. The sign should make proper use of the colours, typeface, graphics, size and all the other materials used. For instance, a sans serif font used on a black and white sign can be ideal for a Law firm. The important thing is to make the main message legible and brief, and to incorporate keywords used in that specific field.

Lastly, a business can make use of its sign to sell its products. For example, a business can use its sandwich board to advertise new products and any ongoing offers and promotions. Signs work around the clock to advertise a business' products and to convey messages, hence they are just as valuable as the salespeople are to the business. Signs are a cost effective way of advertising for small businesses. Television and radio adverts usually end when the payments end, but signs need only a one-off investment that will bring the business a good return on investment.

A business should plan for its signage carefully and not seek to reduce costs by cutting corners. Small businesses can drive more customers to their location by using signs in more active ways and ultimately sell their products and services, which is their foremost goal.
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