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Magnetic Vehicle  Signs
The magnetic sign material is just 0.85mm thick and rated up to 70mph (but has been tested much faster!) and will not scratch or damage your paintwork.

Any size upto 3m X 60cm is possible and we can cater for your exact measurements.

Magnetic vehicle signs are an ideal way to advertise on your vehicle when permanent signage is not appropriate.
Magnetic signs are ideal for temporary applications and shared (business / private) vehicles. Just about any design can be applied to the magnetic surface from simple text layouts and multiple colour graphics to full colour photo images.
600mm x 200mm (24x8) - pair         £35.00        
600mm x 300mm (24x12) - pair         £40.00
600mm x400mm(24x16) -pair                  £45.00
400mm x 400mm (16x16) - pair             £40.00
600mm x 600mm (24x24) - pair        £50.00
700mm x 300mm (28x12) - pair          £50.00
700mm x 400mm (28x16) - pair        £60.00
800mm x 300mm (32x12) - pair   £60.00
800mm x 400mm (32x16) - pair       £70.00
900mm x 300mm (36x12) - pair    £70.00
900mm x 400mm (36x16) - pair     £80.00
900mm x 500mm (36x20) - pair £80.00
1000mm x 400mm (40x16) - pair £90.00
1000mm x 600mm (40x24) - pair £95.00
1200mm x 600mm (48x24) - pair £95.00
1500mm x 600mm (60x24) - pair            £110.00
Price list for some popular size but we can make any size

All Shipping £9.50 (Mainland UK)
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