Floor Graphics (Floor Signs) can be produced with full-colour images, in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Scuff and slip-resistant, floor graphics will adhere to virtually any floor surface and are easy to install and remove when no longer required.

The high-tack adhesive will stick to most surfaces as long as they are reasonably smooth, dry and have been brushed to remove any loose material.

​​The system comes with a non-slip safety surface and is suitable for areas of high pedestrian traffic. Outdoor life is 3 months.

For indoor use we have Floorap. This will stick to any smooth indoor surface and is available in two versions. Easypeel is designed for short term campaigns and should be removed after a maximum of 4 weeks. Floorap has a stronger adhesive and will give up to 12 months life depending on the level of pedestrian traffic.​


Floor PVC Graphics
Floor graphics are a very technical product due to the many variations in surfaces and local conditions that may be encountered.

​​An assessment of the suitability of a surface for the application of floor graphics, surface preparation and graphic application must be carried out by a suitably experienced technician.

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Heavy Duty Floor graphics enable you get your message across exactly where you need it.

To provide Health & Safety warnings, to promote a specific event or to lead customers to your door.