Cut out or Raised Letters
can be made from various materials:
Acrylic (often known as perspex)
Aluminium & Composite Aluminium
Stainless steel (brushed or polished)
MDF - Copper - Mild Steel 

Moulded Lettering
Stainless Steel Built up Lettering
Perspex Built up Lettering
Stainless Steel & Perspex Built up Lettering
Flat Cut Perspex Lettering Mounted to PVC Cladding
3D Stainless Steel , Perspex, Moulded Lettering
Bring Your Business to Life!
Cut out acrylic letters are surprisingly economical but very effective. There is a good range of standard colours and they can easily be produced in any font or size. There are 2 main ways of fitting:
Either bonded directly to a panel or fitted with stand-off studs (see photo above) which set them around 15 to 20mm proud of the fascia.

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